How to Install a Turbo Timer on a Toyota Supra for Proper Cool-Down?

March 31, 2024

Installing a turbo timer on your Toyota Supra is a key aspect of maintaining the longevity and high performance of your vehicle’s turbo system. The turbo timer is a device designed to keep your car’s engine running at idle for a set period after the ignition has been turned off. This allows your turbocharged engine to cool down properly, preventing damage due to the heat generated by the turbo. This article is here to guide you on how to join the league of Supra owners who have successfully installed turbo timers in their cars.

Understanding the Importance of a Turbo Timer

Before delving into the actual installation process, it is crucial that you appreciate the significance of a turbo timer in your vehicle. The turbo is an integral part of your Toyota Supra engine. It uses exhaust gases to spin a turbine, which pushes more air into the engine, leading to enhanced performance. However, this process also results in a high temperature build-up.

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When you shut down the engine immediately after a drive, oil that was cooling the turbo can bake and lead to carbon deposits, spoiling the turbo’s longevity. This is where a turbo timer steps in. It keeps the engine idling for a set time, ensuring the turbo cools appropriately and the oil does not solidify.

Getting the Right Turbo Timer and Harness

Now, let’s move to the next crucial step – choosing the right turbo timer and harness for your Toyota Supra. When looking for a turbo timer, you would want a device that offers adjustable idle times, LED countdown, and one that can handle your specific car model’s voltage requirements.

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A popular choice among Supra owners is the HKS Type-0 Turbo Timer, known for its reliability and user-friendly interface.

Alongside the timer, you will need a compatible harness. The harness is essentially a plug-and-play wiring loom that simplifies the installation process. For the Toyota Supra, the HKS Turbo Timer Harness is a suitable option.

Installing the Turbo Timer

Now that you have gathered the necessary tools and materials, let’s get down to the installation process.

Firstly, disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery to prevent any electrical mishaps. Locate the ignition harness; in the Toyota Supra, it’s usually behind the steering column.

Disconnect the ignition harness and connect the turbo timer harness between the two disconnected halves. Connect the turbo timer to the harness. Secure the timer at a location that is easily visible and accessible to you. Make sure the timer is mounted securely; you could use zip ties or double-sided tape.

Configuring the Timer

The next step is setting up the timer. On powering up your Toyota Supra, the turbo timer will light up. You can set the idle time on the timer. Commonly, a period of 1-3 minutes is sufficient for the cool-down. However, if you have been driving aggressively, you may want to set the timer for a longer period.

Remember, the turbo timer will only work when the handbrake is engaged. This is an essential safety feature, ensuring the car does not move unattended while the engine is still running.

Testing the Setup

Once you have installed and configured the timer, it’s time to test it. Start your car and let it run for a few minutes. Then, turn off the ignition and observe if the engine continues to idle for the set duration. The countdown on the turbo timer will indicate the remaining idle time.

In case the engine shuts down immediately or the timer does not start the countdown, recheck your connections. Remember, correct installation is crucial for the turbo timer to perform efficiently.

Remember, installing a turbo timer on a Toyota Supra may seem like an intimidating task, but with the right tools and a little patience, you can accomplish it effectively. Proper cool-down of your turbo system not only enhances the performance but also increases the longevity of your vehicle. So, take your time, follow the instructions, and your Supra will thank you with many more miles of reliable service.

Mastering the Advanced Features of the Turbo Timer

While the basic set-up and functionality of the turbo timer is quite straightforward, these devices often come with advanced features that can help you better manage the cool-down period of your Toyota Supra’s turbo. Some timers have vehicle speed and RPM display that provide real-time data about the engine’s performance.

The HKS Type-0 Turbo Timer, for instance, has an auto mode that automatically adjusts the idle time based on the last driving period’s intensity. If you took your Supra for a relaxed drive, the auto mode would set a shorter idle time. On the other hand, if you drove aggressively, the mode will sense the need for a longer cool-down period.

To activate the auto mode, press the ‘mode’ button. The timer will display ‘A’ indicating that auto mode is engaged. You can easily switch back to manual mode by pressing the ‘mode’ button again.

Another advanced feature is the voltage warning. This can prove invaluable as it alerts you when the car battery’s voltage falls below a certain level. To set the warning, go to the settings and enter the desired voltage.

Remember, while these advanced features offer additional convenience, the core function of a turbo timer is to ensure a proper cool-down period for your Supra’s turbo.


Maintaining the health and performance of your Toyota Supra’s turbo system is of paramount importance. A turbo timer is a crucial device for this purpose, allowing the turbo to cool down adequately even after you shut down the ignition. This cool-down period helps prevent oil solidification and carbon deposits, thereby enhancing the longevity of the turbo.

The installation process requires some technical knowledge, but with the right tools and patience, you can complete it successfully. Once installed, don’t forget to configure and test the timer to ensure it’s working as intended. Master the advanced features for added convenience and precision in managing the cool-down period.

While the benefits of a turbo timer are evident, we must underline the importance of safe practices. Ensure the handbrake is engaged when the timer is running, to prevent your vehicle from moving unattended.

In conclusion, the installation of a turbo timer on your Toyota Supra is not merely a performance upgrade but a step towards responsible and proactive maintenance of your vehicle’s turbo system. With proper attention to cool-down, you can maximize the longevity and efficiency of your Supra’s turbo, ensuring many more miles of thrilling and reliable performance.